Monday, November 14, 2005

San Francisco versus DC: 7 Observations

San Francisco: Financial District
To depart from my usual subject matter (and explain why I haven't added any new posts recently), here's a few observations of how San Francisco is unlike DC.

San Francisco: Unwanted marijuana smoke wafting in your face.
Washington, DC: marijuana-smoking LaRouche supporters (and other undesirables) waving propaganda in your face.

San Francisco: Chinatown
San Francisco: In Chinatown, you can find everything from traditional Chinese medicinal to Buddhist temples to $5 dim sum specials.
Washington, DC: In Chinatown, you can't throw a fortune cookie without hitting somebody's Starbucks latte or Hooters buffalo wing.

San Francisco: Golden Gate Park, where you can talk to stoned hippy chicks about their scary government conspiracy theories.
Washington, DC: Rock Creek Park, final resting place of congressional intern chick killed in scary political cover-up.

San Francisco: It's tough to hail a taxi.
Washington, DC: You can't afford a taxi.

UC Berkeley: Free Speech Movement Cafe
San Francisco: At UC Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement Cafe honors activists who struggled for free speech at university campuses.
Washington, DC: At George Washington University, Cafe Romeo honors Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover, and delivers pizza on campus until 2:30AM.

San Francisco: "We can't believe Arnold Schwarzenegger is our governor."
Washington, DC: "We can't believe Arnold Schwarzenegger is your governor."

San Francisco: California state government always getting in the way of progress.
Washington, DC: US House, Senate, Executive office always getting in the way of progress.


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