Monday, October 03, 2005

International Grocery Adventure

fun asian candy jars
Gigantic international grocery stores abound in Northern Virginia, from Fairfax to Annandale to Falls Church to Woodbridge. Frozen empanadas, sake, kimchi, exotic deserts, cheap produce, and fresh herbs are all available in unfamiliar packaging and often at low prices.

Hello Kitty Pocky
Besides being fun, cheap, and exciting, many of these enormous grocery stores have their own authentic restaurants built-in, where you can often get fresh sushi, pho noodle soup, rice pastries, frozen smoothie drinks, and other tasty treats to eat while you're grocery shopping.

Frozen mysteries at the asian grocery store
Although trying new products can be hit or miss, brave souls can pick up fresh frozen seafood at very low prices in these markets. Seriously, you should see my freezer -- it's like an ice age in Fiji, and we're eating well.

So if you really want a grocery adventure, stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's won't cut it. Go straight to the source and keep at it. Don't forget, this is America, and at least most of this stuff won't kill you.


Blogger Washington Cube said...

Chinese love their garish and bling.

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