Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chasing Ambulances on I-66

Traffic Accident on I-66 E at Rt 29

In the wet and shiny weather Thursday night, we heard a screeching car crash on I-66 near Route 29 (in Arlington). With a few drinks in our bloodstreams, we decided we'd run to investigate. We made it to the scene within minutes with just one minor injury (a scratch that's now healing nicely) to find traffic completely stopped and the scene covered with police, a fire truck, and at least one ambulance. Score one for the DOT.

Traffic Accident on I-66 at Rt 29

The driver of the SUV was standing and seemed shaken but unharmed. The other driver stayed in his car, and the emergency workers seemed to have to cajole him out of it. When he emerged, he had a very swollen eye and may have hurt an arm. He was livid about something and was screaming. We watched quietly from the Custis Trail alongside the highway.

I-66 was moving again within twenty or thirty minutes. Watching the first responders clean up the accident was fascinating ... sometimes they're really on the ball.

Intersection of I-66 and US-29, Arlington, VA (map)


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