Sunday, November 27, 2005

Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls, Maryland

The Potomac River as seen from the Billy Goat Trail
Appropriately named for its rocky incline -- which would be much easier if you had four hooves -- Billy Goat Trail is one among the most rigorous circuit hikes near DC.

Bouldering/climbing up a rock face on the Billy Goat Trail
This short hike lasts only two to four hours, but it's a serious workout. Nearly half of the hike is spent bouldering along the Potomac waterfront, huffing and puffing to fantastic views.

Victory! At the top of the mountain.
Billy Goat Trail is fairly popular in spite of it's difficulty, so you may have to time your hike to avoid church youth groups or other slow-going and noisy folks. If you dare (although I don't officially endorse it), take a break from the trail and explore the surrounding area for even more precarious adventures.


Blogger Dave said...

Thsnks for sharing, I need to check this out.

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