Thursday, October 26, 2006

The 2006 High Heel Drag Race on 17th St

Update: 2007 race info on my homepage.

Here are the promised (but somewhat unimpressive) photos from the 17th Street High Heel Drag Race on Tuesday.

17th Street High Heel Drag Race
A huge turnout! I wasn't able to get a front-row "seat" this time, and should have asked these guys to take photos form me, who are sitting on top of Trio's Fox & Hound's on 17th.

17th Stret High Heel Drag Race
The race included this guy or gal, who's not in drag but apparently comes out every year -- as the Washington Monument.

17th Street Drag Race
As usual, the race lasted only minutes, as some of the contenders are unbeleiveably fast. Here's a blurry shot of the runners.

Halloween High Heel Drag Race
Annual on the Tuesday before Halloween
On 17th Street NW near Q Street (map)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reminder: High Heel Drag Race 2006

Just a reminder, the High Heel Drag Race for 2006 is tonight -- the fun starts 7:30 or 8PM, the race starts at 9PM. I will be there armed only with my RAZR for photo documentation.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Shane Hines and Everyone But Pete at Iota in Arlington

Shane Hines at Iota in Arlington

Iota Club and Cafe on Wilson Boulevard is a great local live music venue. They even have good food, even though the portions are small and pricey. The entertainment comes in different flavors, mostly varieties of adult contemporary, rock, indie, folk, or some combination thereof.

This past Friday night I had a killer time there seeing two great local bands, Everyone But Pete and Shane Hines and the Verve. Both dancable rock bands, Everyone But Pete won DC 101's Last Band Standing competition over the summer and plays almost entirely original tunes. The more established Shane Hines plays a lot of rockin' guitar solos, both originals and covers, to a growing and enthusiastic fan base.

Iota Club & Cafe
2832 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA, 22201 (map)
703 522 8340 |

Everyone But Pete:
Shane Hines and the Verve:

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Chasing Ambulances on I-66

Traffic Accident on I-66 E at Rt 29

In the wet and shiny weather Thursday night, we heard a screeching car crash on I-66 near Route 29 (in Arlington). With a few drinks in our bloodstreams, we decided we'd run to investigate. We made it to the scene within minutes with just one minor injury (a scratch that's now healing nicely) to find traffic completely stopped and the scene covered with police, a fire truck, and at least one ambulance. Score one for the DOT.

Traffic Accident on I-66 at Rt 29

The driver of the SUV was standing and seemed shaken but unharmed. The other driver stayed in his car, and the emergency workers seemed to have to cajole him out of it. When he emerged, he had a very swollen eye and may have hurt an arm. He was livid about something and was screaming. We watched quietly from the Custis Trail alongside the highway.

I-66 was moving again within twenty or thirty minutes. Watching the first responders clean up the accident was fascinating ... sometimes they're really on the ball.

Intersection of I-66 and US-29, Arlington, VA (map)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Hybrid Metro Bus at the DC Green Festival

Hybrid Metro Bus at Green Festival

I have yet to see a WMATA gas/electric hybrid bus on the road, but at least there was one on display at this weekend's DC Green Festival.

Hybrid Metro Bus at Green Festival

Thanks, Metro! Now let's see some on my regular bus routes. I hope they're faster than the natural gas models.

Green Festival:
Thanks to my mom for taking one of these photos.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Historic White's Ferry Potomac River Crossing - in Loudon County, Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland

White's Ferry Potomac River Crossing - the Jubal A. Early

White's Ferry is the last ferry service operating on the Potomac River. Located along the C&O Canal, the ferry carries cars, passengers, and bicycles between Montgomery County, Maryland and Loudon County, Virginia.

White's Ferry Store

In one of the greater DC area's remaining rural areas, the ferry is depended on by locals for transit and is a haven for bicylists and water sports, including fishing. White's Ferry runs all year from 5AM-11PM and costs $4 one way or $6 round trip. It closes in icy and flooding conditions.

At White's Ferry

I spent a great day on a five hour canoe trip from near Point of Rocks to White's Ferry. Canoes can be rented from White's Ferry, and if you make a reservation a week in advance, they'll drive you upstream so you can drift home. (A bit of paddling may also be necessary.)

The Road from White's Ferry to Montgomery County

Recently the Coast Guard cracked down on White's Ferry for having unlicensed operators. The owners of the ferry and its supporters are concerned for the ferry service's survival, and some say that a major bridge may be imminent here, bringing traffic and urban sprawl to this rural historic area.

White's Ferry
White's Ferry Road, Poolsville, MD / Leesburg, VA (map)
301 349 5200
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