Sunday, April 30, 2006

Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen in Vienna, VA

Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen has two locations in Vienna, VA and Georgetown. It specializes in dosa, south Indian crepes with savory fillings. The staple of the menu is masala dosa, which hang off the edges of Amma's styrofoam and paper plates and are served with a spicy sambar (soup) and delicious coconut chutney.

Amma's in Vienna has expanded significantly over the years, most recently upgrading its interior to gold, black, and avocado. As high energy dance music pumped in Amma's on this quiet afternoon, the restaurant seemed a lighting upgrade away from opening a dance club at night.

My other favorite menu items at Amma's include the Amma's Special (shown on top above), a sampler which includes indian breads, sambar, and other favorites including desert. And of course a mango lassi (yogurt drink) is an essential addition to any Indian meal.

Amma's is one of three surprisingly hip destinations in Vienna along with Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant and Jammin' Java.

Amma Vegetarian Kitchen
344-A Maple Ave East, Vienna VA 22180 (map)
703 938 5328 |


Blogger Karl Bakla said...

we need more good place in Las Vegas for vegetarians, I'm knew to the whole vegetarian lifestyle but I already feel so much healthier

11:17 PM  

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